Please note: My Venmo address is Jo-Hendricks-2

My studio is located at 106 West Water Street, Saint Paul MN 55107.

please text me at 651 249 5070


Please email me if you would like to know of any open studio events in the building. I will be happy to keep you informed. Due to COVID-19, there are no regular studio hours. However, an event is now being planned for me and the other Harriet Island Artists group for the weekend of October 17, 2021.

My drawings are selected from a large collection of works created in sessions with live models in a studio environment.
I purposely manipulate proportions.

I never intend to make a drawing look like the model’s facial features. The only portrait element I want to capture is attitude or expression. Everything I do is to make a composition…not a likeness.

I prefer to draw with ink or graphite (pencil).

My drawing premise: When drawing…use all the surface of the paper. Drawing a figure? Fill the page with that figure.

My drawing premise: When doing 2-minute drawing warm up drawing exercises…use inexpensive paper. I use old newspapers and fat colored markers. These warm up drawings are to be tossed not kept. Their only purpose is to help the artist get muscles warmed up and attention focused.

My drawing premise: The space outside a shape has been erroneously referred to as “negative space” –however, that space is an equal element in defining shape edges. I call it the definition space.

My drawing premise: Use the best paper you can buy. Even though you know you may only get one drawing out of every ten that is worth keeping.

My drawing premise: Set drawings aside after a session for a later objective review.
My drawing premise: Document the work. Digitally document and label.

My drawing premise: Drawings are not your children. They are neither precious nor sacred. They are drawings…human expression…not human.
My drawing premise: Never give a drawing as a gift unless you are positive the recipient actually wants it and will display it. Same goes for any gift, actually.

My drawing premise: Look for the word “archival” when selecting ink pens or matting materials.